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Dec 04, The ideal time to cut an over grown sandcherry, or any other shrub for that matter, is when it is dormant. Late fall, early spring. Right now I’d say you can prune it some, but probably not as hard as it needs. Prune some now, then heavy at bushremove.pwted Reading Time: 5 mins.

Jul 05, Prune sand cherry bushes at any time of year, whenever pests and diseases are present or the shape of the bush needs to be controlled. Sterilize the blades of your short-handled pruning shears and hedge clippers in boiling water to avoid transmitting infections to or from the cut bushremove.pwg: Middleburg FL.

Sep 21, The branches of sand cherry shrubs that are left to grow naturally without pruning eventually fall over, leaving the bush with an open center and an undesirable shape.

Prune established sand cherry shrubs in early spring, before growth bushremove.pwg: Middleburg FL. Purpleleaf sand cherry plants are typically short-lived, falling prey to pests and diseases after about 10 to 15 years, but regular pruning can help maintain an attractive and dense form. 1 Dip Missing: Middleburg FL. The Purpleleaf Sand Cherry is a dense-growing shrub that reaches an impressive size for a shrub if allowed to grow naturally.

However, you can easily prune it to stay within a desired size.

Could you make a video on plants after they have been rooted and potted, then what to do with the left over potted plants in the winter.

It's versatile and can be trained into either a single stem small tree form, or used as a natural shrub with lower bushremove.pwg: Middleburg FL. You can prune your cherry bush in the late winter when the cold is over.

In the summer, you can prune it after you have harvested your cherries. You can give the bush any shape you want to. Watering a cherry bushMissing: Middleburg FL. Jan 08, Surinam cherry, or pitanga, is an evergreen shrub or small tree that's known for its attractive fruits, which look like glossy, bite-sized pumpkins.

For many years Surinam cherry was a favorite plant for Florida gardens. However, it's now considered an invasive plant here in Florida, because it moves into wild areas and displaces native plant.

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