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Pecans soon became an important trade item.

Cuttings can be wounded on the bottom 4 inches by removing small patches of the outer bark to allow rooting hormone to enter. After dipping the bottom 4 inches of the cutting in rooting hormone, tap off the excess and insert it in the rooting mix till only the top 2 inches protrude.

Jun 28, Plant your pecan during the colder months to allow for root growth before spring. Be sure to choose a variety like 'Elliot' or 'Curtis' that has good disease resistance and is suited for Florida.

Your pecan tree should start producing good crops in six to twelve years. Start pecan tree cuttings in late spring or early summer when the tree is no longer dormant. 2 Fill a 5-inch biodegradable pot with perlite or vermiculite. Pour water into the pot until the perlite.

Place grafts in 2- to 4-inch diameter limbs at the time of pollen shedding. Scions are usually cut 5 or 6 inches long with a sloping cut about 1 3/4 inches long at the basal end. Place the scion against the limb and make outline cuts through the bark of the stock.

Pecan trees can grow to more than feet in height, according to Pecan Biz. The tree has become popular not only as a source of nutrient-rich nuts but also in landscaping, according to Texas A&M University's Extension Service.

The pecan tree is the official state tree of Texas. Cut the base of the stem, placing a 1- or 2-inch vertical cut on each side of the stem. This can help stimulate rooting, enhancing the stem's ability to absorb water and rooting chemicals. Mar 17, Make a good cutting first.

The rooting hormones only work best with a fresh and clean cut. Make sure that you use a sterilized knife for the cutting. And you must make a degree cut to increase the surface of the cutting. Don’t infect the whole rooting hormone bottle.

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