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Found in gardens across the country, chastetree, or vitex, Vitex agnus-castus is a.

Oct 05, Chaste trees can be grown as a shrub or pruned to form a tree. I usually wait until a chaste tree is 4 to 5 feet tall before starting the tree forming process.

Tree forming is quite straightforward. In late winter, before new growth begins to emerge, simply remove lower limbs and branches to desired bushremove.pwg: Bradenton FL. Sep 21, Prune your chaste tree to control its size during winter only, because the tree’s flowers bloom on new growth.

Prune back any dead, diseased or damaged branches and thin out branches by cutting them back to the bushremove.pwg: Bradenton FL. Sep 21, A chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) can be grown as a large, multi-stemmed shrub or as a single-trunk tree.

Make pruning cuts at a degree angle at a bud or where the affected limb meets a larger limb or branch. Use hand pruners or lopping shears to remove any crooked, bent or crossed bushremove.pwg: Bradenton FL. Chaste trees grow to be 10 to 20 feet tall and just about as wide. They do well in any soil with good drainage and tolerate both sun and shade.

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Prune chaste trees in order to maintain the plant's health, train the plant, improve the foliage and limit growth. Step 1Missing: Bradenton FL. Apr 26, Chaste trees need full sun and very well-drained soil. It’s best not to plant them in soil that is rich in organic matter because organically rich soils hold too much moisture close to the roots.

Chaste trees do very well in xeric gardens where water is scarce. Once established, you’ll probably never have to water a chaste bushremove.pwg: Bradenton FL.

Sep 21, Pruning: Chaste trees benefit from regular pruning. In winter, clean out the entire center of the tree, removing all side branches from the main Missing: Bradenton FL.

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